Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Summer Wonderland???

We were listening to Christmas music today... in shorts! It's not exactly "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" here and it won't anytime soon. Its pretty much 32C (feels like 45C with humidity) every day of the year. Though we did enjoy Mandarin oranges this week and lit a Christmas-y smelling candle while listening to Boney M, its pretty hard to feel like Christmas when we're hot and sweaty everyday. I know many of you are probably jealous and would love a tropical getaway, but believe me, the heat gets old very quickly. Every time I wear jeans, I regret it. I'm terribly sick of cut-offs, tank-tops and flip-flops and would love to wear (and be comfortable in) a cozy sweater, boots, a wool coat and scarf. 

On the positive side, we can enjoy the pool in our apartment complex, it doesn't take forever to bundle up the boys to go for a walk (sandals and a hat does the trick!) and we get to play outside in the sun (actually only in the shade... we don't dare play outside mid-day). So I will choose to be thankful and share some pictures of December-but-feels-like-a-very-hot-August in the Philippines...


  1. Sorry if this comes up twice... my first attempt seems to not have worked :) I was just thinking about you and Kari yesterday and the Christmas we decorated together... wishing we could walk for yummy beverages and catch up a bit. Sending lots of love and hugs and prayers for this holiday season. You boys are so cute!!!

  2. That must be wierd celebrating Christmas without cold rainy (maybe even snowy) weather! Looks like you'll be making some new traditions sans coldness. Perhaps a palm tree for a Christmas tree!